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Olson & Olson, PLLC
1601 Fifth Avenue Suite 2200 Seattle WA 98101
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Olson & Olson - Attorneys and Counselors
We practice divorce and family law. Which, at first glance, might appear to be a depressing way to make a living. But we look at it differently. For us, it's about protecting treasures - all kinds of treasures, like children and homes and retirements and futures. Because as difficult as it may be right now to see past all the pain and frustration and fear, your divorce is about you and your children's future. And it's our job to help you make that future as bright and over-flowing with potential as possible.
Olson & Olson earns Martindale-Hubbell's highest ranking. www.martindale.com

A reputation as tough trial lawyers gives clients an advantage in negotiating a fair settlement.

It's a strategic choice to retain a divorce lawyer who is female or male. So why limit yourself?