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What We Do

our expertise
We're best at fighting for our clients: looking through every document, exploring every legal precedent, and leaving no legal stone unturned to get you the best settlement or judgment possible. This is what we're best at. This is our expertise.

That aside, family practice law is rather a large area of study; it includes divorce, property division, maintenance and parenting plan/support issues, of course, but also premarital agreements, cohabitational relationships, tracing of separate/community property, valuation of businesses and professional practices, finding hidden assets, tax implications of divorce, real property and business organization law, pension and stock options, child rights and paternity, to name just a few. We often find that in the course of working with a client through a divorce, questions about estate planning or asset management arise; we handle it all.

our philosophy
Our philosophy is pretty simple: We like to win. Actually, we love to win. We win for our clients when we go to mediation with them and negotiate from a position of strength. We win for our clients when a negotiated settlement is clear and fair and gives our client what they need to confidently start their new life. We win for our clients when we stand up for them, when we don't capitulate, when we let the opposing side know that we will not hesitate to go to the mat. We win for our clients when our record at trial encourages the other side to settle.