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Your Role

you are part of our team
Don't ever forget that. We cannot do our best work without your help. "Help" means being clear about factual events, the details of which may be muddy and clouded with emotion. "Help" means tell us everything and tell it as honestly as you know. "Help" means being forthright about those details that might be embarrassing or even humiliating. This allows us to respond proactively if unflattering accusations are made about you, and we can place the events in the most favorable light possible. Don't worry about offending us. And remember that all communication with us is confidential. We cannot defend you against something we do not know exists. Bring your honesty, your grit and your sense of trust in your legal team. We'll need all of that if we're going to be able to work to the standard we demand and you expect.

fees & forms and other
When you decide to retain our services, we'll ask you to sign some forms. One is the retainer agreement, which outlines our fees. Over the years we've observed that there are effective and practical methods that our clients can use in order to keep our fees down. We recommend this (while we appreciate your business, we aren't particularly interested in wasting your money).

tips on keeping your legal costs down
  • Keep a running list of questions or comments that you need to share with us, and deliver it all at once, preferably once per day or every other day. This means we can use your time efficiently.

  • Come to meetings on time and prepared. Bring documents we have requested.

  • Stay familiar with your case. Read the documents that are sent to you, keep notes at our meetings and refer back to them.

  • Respond to our requests in a timely way. Last-minute work creates errors, which are by nature expensive.

  • Try not to second-guess your decisions. Your first gut response to a question or choice is usually the right one, even if your answer keeps you up at night. Trust yourself.