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Who We Are

In 1980, Mark Olson began practicing family law in Seattle, Washington. Mark has been at this for close to thirty years, not counting a stint while still in the womb. Some words that mean the same thing as "thirty years" are "experienced" and "wisdom" and even "understanding." In close to thirty years Mark has litigated complex, high-profile cases as well as cases that are resolved without a murmur. He is at ease with multimillion-dollar settlements and he continues to enjoy the satisfaction that pro bono work offers. He has led his clients to settle quietly, to not settle at all, and to settle for more than they thought they deserved. He offers advice couched in experience. Mark has argued before the United States Supreme Court, sat as the Chair of the Family Law Section for the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, is past president of the Northwest Children's Fund and has served on the alumni board at The Lakeside School. He is currently watching children grow up with his wife, Leslie Olson. He is most proud of this last item.

Leslie Olson was admitted to practice in Washington in 2000. She won a coveted position to clerk for the Washington State Court of Appeals for two years, where she briefed cases and drafted opinions for the court. She joined Mark Olson in his practice in 2002 and has been showing him what's what ever since. To say that Leslie is driven is to suggest that the Grand Canyon is a muddy ditch. She works so hard for her clients that sometimes she ends up uncovering material that surprises everyone - even her clients. Leslie's deep understanding of the law, its short-comings and its generosity, guides her work and pushes her to always look for more. In the courtroom she is relentless, strong and determined. In mediation, she is clear and firm. The complexity of multi-million dollar cases does not faze her and her commitment to our community is reflected in her pro bono work. Her reputation as a trial lawyer precedes her and an increasing number of opposing parties seem to prefer to settle. Which is fine with her considering that staying out of the courtroom means more time with her children and husband, Mark Olson.

The support staff of Olson & Olson put up with a lot. That goes without saying given the nature of the partners' relationship. Playful laughter, questionable eye contact and good-bye kisses - it doesn't get any worse than this.

With a BA in Political Science, Greg is a natural in the field of law. That he graduated magna cum laude lets our clients know that he is sharp. Nothing gets past him. Before settling down to law, he worked in publishing, county government, and taught English for two years in Kanazawa Japan. The world view and the skills he learned in those fields add depth to the work he does for us.

Greg catches details others might miss. Case in point: he recently discovered that an opposing witness had plagiarized from a medical textbook.

When he is not devoting his intellect and conscientiousness to our clients, he is enjoying his favorite hobbies of music, movies and travel. Ask and he'll be glad to recommend his favorite travel destinations: Mongolia, Italy, Iceland, and Easter Island.

Hailey came to us with a BA in Law, Societies and Justice as well as a paralegal certificate from Boston University. Her education is not all that makes her an invaluable part of our team. She has seen firsthand how difficult divorce is for families and what new possibilities can arise on the other side of it. She likes working on a team that helps clients restart their lives with a new chance and a new outlook.

If there is someone you can count on, it's Hailey. Punctuality is one of her greatest traits. You'll find her arriving early in the office every day, ready to help.

Outside of work, she is the comedian with her family and friends. Whether it is telling jokes, doing impressions, or just wearing anything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, she gets the laugh. That is because she believes that laughter truly is the best medicine.